"The best part of our day is sharing a meal together."

Our ideal cooking environment has always been at home, surrounded by the love of our family-full of smiles, laughs, and lots of taste testing.


After a long day of work, the best part of our day is sharing a meal together with our kids. There is no greater reward than the memories we build around the kitchen table. We want to help you create those same memories by sharing our special recipes and meal kits from Cookhouse and our home. 

💗Pieter and Susan

"Buy one, Supply one."

Over the years, our home has expanded to include restaurant workers, farmers and suppliers that have become friends and family. We are extremely grateful for the relationships we have built with them. They are part of the reason why the food we serve tastes so good!

Our current economic crisis has put a strain on those industry workers we have grown to love.

Many of our food suppliers, farmers, and ranchers are partnering with us by donating supplies, making jobs available, and helping us get our team back on their feet. There's plenty of food to go around, so when you buy a meal, you also supply a meal for an industry worker. 

Thank you for being part of our mission!

Love, Pieter and Susan

Current Suppliers:

Green Bexar Farms

Braune Farms

Peeler Farms

Gretchen Bee Ranch



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